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The Rainforest Retreat Café & Refurbishment
We extensively refurbished Cheeky Monkeez in our first year and have been improoving the facilities as an on-going project ever since. One of the key areas that needed a facelift was the Café. With the new look, chairs and extra tables we can now cater for the increased popularity.
With quality food and drinks it's a great place to meet and chill out knowing the kids are safe and happy.


       The refurbishment starts in July 2012
    Refurb 1   Refurb 2   Refurb 3   Refurb 4

     ..........and after a year the cafe and main play area are transformed.
    Refurb 5   Refurb 6   Refurb 7   Refurb 8   Refurb 8 


Updated window display